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One of the biggest problems with managing a complex network is having to deal with multiple network device configurations, sometimes numbering in the hundreds or even thousands of devices with just a handful of IT experts on hand.

Some network management tools only give you relative information about your devices, but fail to empower you to act on those devices. Instead, one is relegated to login to each device with admin privileges which opens the door to potential misconfigurations, unlogged changes and eventual data breaches. What good is having a network management tool if you still have to login to each and every device to make even a simple change?

The Winds are Changing

Watson provides a centralized solution for network device management, compliance and backups for multi-vendor network infrastructures form a single unified dashboard. You can now see all your network devices in a single place and make changes to them with a few click all from the same dashboard without having to login to each device individually. Welcome to network nirvana!

Deployed as a physical or virtual appliance, Watson centralizes network configuration management, automates network compliance management, asset and remote management and provides rapid 1-click recovery for devices from over 50 network, security and storage vendors.


Automate Compliance

All configuration changes are logged and reported via email, helping you maintain complete control over who makes changes to the network configuration. Additionally, you can create pre-approved templates for certain groups of devices to push a configuration to each and every one of the devices at once, which helps you maintain compliance.

Multi-Vendor Configuration Backup

Reduce your downtime exposure, and demonstrate you meet compliance standards such as PCI, NERC CIP, and ITIL that require network configurations to be backed up regularly and stored securely.

Watson makes a backup of every change and you can always roll back to the previous version of the configuration file with a single click. Hundreds of devices are supported including firewalls, proxies, switches and routers from over 50 leading network and security vendors.

Simplify Network Management

Watson brings all your networking devices (firewalls, switches, routers) under a single management dashboard where you can commit changes to the configuration and push them to the respective device. No more needing to log into every device with an unmanageable amount of credentials. Just point and click to make on demand changes or even schedule changes when it won't disrupt operations.


  • Simultaneously control multiple devices with ease; push or schedule bulk CLI changes
  • Quickly deploy new devices or standardize existing configurations with Configuration Templates
  • Detect and report on Configuration changes and Compliance violations
  • Backup and 1-click recovery from network device failure or configuration errors in seconds
  • Segregate and delegate administration with granular role based permissions
  • Track and report on live Asset Management data rather than manually updating spreadsheets
  • Easily demonstrate your network meets regulatory or your internal compliance requirements
  • Central encrypted repository stores your organizations network configurations securely

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